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Beautifully Broken

Good orchestrates beautiful things. Recently I have had the opportunity to go to a bible study with other ladies of all different ages and backgrounds. All I can say is this bible study is filled with G-ds Kadosh, and he’s teaching me alot through it.

Typically at school I am around “Good Christian” students and staff.This is a great thing but most of the time there is a lack of those around me being real or open about what’s going on in there lives. Personally, I tend to get very frustrated with this mentality.

As I mentioned earlier G-d orchestrates beautiful things. Four years ago, my life was a complete mess. Three years ago my life was a mess. I’ve tried to get things together but even last week my life you guessed it…is a mess! It’s been a mess, but at the same time it’s been a beautiful mess. Recently G-d has countlessly blessed me by putting people in my life that I can minister to because of my story. My journey has not been an easy one. It has had steep hills, rocks, cacti, and ice. But it’s been the same way for the ladies in this small group. It’s been a different path for each one of us, but none of them has been easy. I am so amazed how G-d is able to take what I would consider a “mess” or “broken” and yet restore it into something amazing. I am learning to be greatful for the struggle because he is doing something beautiful with it to transform your life and possibly others lives too. This group has been great for me because the members are teaching me what I just stated. Does that mean that I have faith that everything will be okay all the time? Ha no. It’s still difficult most of the time. But I have a new element of trust in G-d, because I am starting to see beauty in brokenness through the blood of Christ.

Keep a biblical perspective of life, but also remember to see things as beautifully broken.



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