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Well, another Yom Kippur has passed. May you have had a blessed holiday and may your name be written in the book of life.This year I stayed home from school and fasted, prayed, studied,  forgave some, and reflected back on the sins I had committed the past year. During the high holy day season it is a time of self reflection and making things right with others and most importantly right with G-d.

As an young child I have memories of going to synagogue during Yom Kippur services in the afternoon and confessing, chanting, praying, and doing traditional rituals for hours on end. I now admit that I probably zoned out during Temple a little bit more than I should have. Now, I see the significance of this holiday and I realize how blessed I am to have a Rabbi who is a wonderful congregational leader, who leads these services in a respectable, but easy to follow manner.

It is Jewish tradition during this season to go to a body of water and have a Tashlich ceremony. The Tashlich ceremony is basically throwing bread into the water and symbolically casting your sins to G-d. Because the synagogue that I attend is not located near any body of water, we typically don’t have this service. This year my mother and I privately did this at the local park.

This year while doing Tashlich about four ducks were swimming around. These ducks were not little polite ducks. They acted nothing like Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings.  These ducks were hungry. What are ducks going to do during a Tashlich ceremony? Eat the bread of course! The ducks were not violently fighting, but there was definitely a competition to swim out and eat the food first.

In a way these birds had a way of showing me their own Yom Kippur message. This message could go something like this…

Just the way those ducks were attacking the food, Yeshua is out immediately taking the Challah that represents sin away as soon as you cast them unto him. He wants you to give the sin unto him. He desires that for his children. There’s also someone else who wants your Challah bread and that is Satan. The difference between giving it Yeshua and Satan is one of two ways.

Casting your Challah on to the Devil might seem easy or fun at first, but it’s only a matter of time that it will directly turn into guilt, shame,  and it will take you many places that you never intended to go.

When you cast your Challah on to G-d, He has the ability to set you free from all guilt, shame, and any chains holding you down that Satan placed on your hands.

Everyone has a choice of who they cast there Challah on to. Who will you choose?



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