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I don’t normally start working on my Wednesday post on Monday, but because of Yom Kippur I decided it would be appropriate to start writing earlier, therefore, I’ll write about my Monday so far.

I’ve written about school before and my lack of love for it.
When I think of school I think of: frustration, insecurities, pain, and the dreadful thing called exams, more specifically getting the exams back. I have never had “school spirit” because I find other ways to use my time. I don’t go to basketball games on Friday’s (I go to Shabbat); I don’t go to any “fun events” that are on Saturday (I’m typically at the art museum), or any events on the rest of the weekdays as I’m probably leading or participating in a lengthy 4-H meeting. I don’t have a desire to have “school spirit” because I will never be a part of the rural community that my school is located in and frankly I don’t have a desire to. Don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful for my private Christian school education but often times it is hard to find a place to fit in when you’re the city girl who is considered preppy.

Monday…why do we have to have Monday? My Monday was discouraging. I had several disappointing moments and I just was not in the brightest mood. My mom asked me how my day was and all I said was, “I need chocolate.” I did not go into depth or tell her any glimpse of what was wrong until several hours later.

As I look back on my short life, so far, I see how just a little bit of encouragement can brighten almost anyone’s entire day. As Christians we should be lifting each other up and putting sunshine in their life when our acquaintances  are experiencing the thunder roar through their lives.

My Monday turned out to be okay. It was a reminder to always be kind to those around you. Especially to those who might not be cool.The tongue can do more damage than a sword, so use your words gently. Always “THINK” before you speak.


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