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Isn’t It Amazing How Life Is One Thing and Then In an Instant It Becames Something Else

The movie “If I stay” is one of my favorites. I love the idea of a rocker and a classically trained cellist falling in love. Last week I had the chance to watch the suspenseful movie again. Lately, I have been thinking about how so many things in our life can change just in a split second. For Mia, in the movie, her entire life was transformed by driving on an ice patch.

September is national suicide prevention month. During this month I have unintentionally talked to a few loved ones fighting depression. I love talking to others and being a listening ear. When I hear their stories I hear hopelessness. I hear how others have said countless numbers of  unedifying words.

It’s amazing how life can be one thing and everything can change in a instant because you don’t know what those around you are going through and you don’t know how close they could be to ending their life through suicide. Be nice to all. If as a nation if we truly cared about suicide prevention, we’d be friends to each other and not condesending towards mental illness.

One small instant could be the difference between life or death. Be willing to listen to anyone feeling down or has depression. Never be judgmental, or tell someone to “get over it,” or tell them they are being selfish. Please be willing to be kind, selfless, or even save a live.

Happy Saturday!


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