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Life is About Collecting Memories, Not Collecting Things

Blessed one word to describe my life. Yes, I have had hard times, times of trials, and times of hardship, but those whom G-d has placed in my life has always been a blessing to me. Because my parents chose to home school me in elementary school I have had hundreds of experiences that my peers now have never had the opportunity to do. Lots of art classes, attending jazz concerts during the typical lunch hour, dissecting a shark, cows heart, fetal pig, and part of a cat just to name a few memories that I have made.

I am in denial that I am approaching the last season of high school; over the past several days I have reflected on some of the good memories. The more I reflect on some of the best memories I have are the memories that were made when I was experiencing new things, not sitting at home and watching T.V. (or the mind sucking box as I call it). The days of volunteering with HUMANA, harvesting grapes at the local winery, and cleaning the building at a local dog show are what I will cherish throughout my life times.

As a culture, especially around Chanukah or Christmas, most in America are consumed with not necessarily the “reason for the season” but with “getting” gifts.” Yes, it is cool to get the latest iPad, but when you are on your death-bed what will you want to remember – all of the fun things you did or days spent on ending playing on your iPad? Just a few thoughts for your Tuesday.

I encourage you to think about this and ways in your personal life you have focused more on items that can be broken, rather than memories that can never leave the heart.


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