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Story Time by Lama-Leah. “The Rose Among Wildflowers”

There once was a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet mostly had purple wild flowers in it and were arranged in a mason jar. Though most of the flowers were wild flowers it had one red rose in the arrangement. The purple flowers made fun of the rose for being different. They didn’t see any value in the rose and continuously told her that she didn’t belong. The rose started believing everything that the wild flowers told her, “You’re so different from us.” “You don’t belong!” “You will never be one of us!” “Why don’t you just die?”

One day the rose had it. She walked into the sun and waited for her beautiful petals to wilt away.
When the wild flowers found out what the rose was doing they laughed. They did not care about the rose one bit and were happy she would finally be gone making the bouquet “perfect.”

While the rose was waiting to wilt away, a flower gardener walked by and discovered the wilting rose.
“What a shame! This valuable rose is wilting away! If I put it in water right now, I might be able to make its life a further for good!”, the gardener said.

The rose was furious. What does this man know about flowers she wondered? The wild flowers told me I have no value, I believe them before a flower gardener, she thought.

After the gardener put the rose in water, the gardener took her to his flower garden. The rose was amazed by the beauty that she saw. She was dozens of types of flowers–daisies, petunias, sunflowers, and best of all, red roses! She had never seen other roses before in her life!

The gardener placed the special rose in a flower bouquet of other red roses just like her. She had never been happier before in her life.

For the first time, another flower loved her and saw value and beauty in her. She never had a sense of belonging until that day.

The rose was happy and very grateful that the flower gardener found her and did not let her wilt away in the sun.



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