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Potential, Oppisite, Views, (POV)

Every story has *at least* two sides, but what happends if we only learn about just one side? When my parents put me in a traditional school I was in a culture shock because I had never been around those who live in the country/small small towns with conservative values for a consideral amount of time.

Students in my school think that I am crazy, coocoo, weird, stupid, ect ect because I truly belive that what you put in your body affects your health. Personally, based on what I have personally seen in aqutences, read in books,and learned about in documenterys, I belive that cancer can be cured without chemo theropy but with eating a nutritious *raw* diet.

Other opinions that the general public has about heath. Is that you can survive eating a sorta healthy diet and exercise. But when you get sick theirs a pill for that and before you get sick theirs a vaccine for the common cold, chicken pox, messels, ect ect ect. This march I decided to persue eating a healther diet by cutting down on animal products. I started doing my resurch on the meat and dairy/egg industry and I was appoled of what I found out. What my research told me was that the food industry has a side to it that is not protraid to the public.

I mention this particular example because schools tend to only teach only from one point of view. I am not just pointing out private school, I can also point out public school and homeschool. Some parents even choose what school their kids will go to based on what the P.O.V. that they will be taught by. A flaw that happeneds when students are only taught one side of the story  is the risk of not willing to look at a different side after graduation because in life they will have to look at things from different point of views even if it is not the one that they are taught.

My first example of why we need to be open to different POVs happened thirteen years ago when my family was invited to attend a Chanikah service. To my parents, attending a synogog was NOT what they were taught to do by their parents/family but as soon as my mother walked in she had a since of shalom and she knew that this was the congregation that we where suppose to attend. She was never exposed to the messianic way of worshiping, but my parents had an open mind to this and later on that year they went through a membership class and became members of the new synogog.

Some of my family and friends however did not keep a open mind about the new synogog. They have intentially served pork, asked about xmas trees, and we have been told several times by a few people that we attend a cult and our congregation is unbiblical. In the words of Taylor swift, “I’m just gunna shake shake shake shake it off..”

I am extremely blessed to have parents who has exposed me to many types of people and cultures. One thing that these experiances have taught me is that sterotypes play a enormuse roll of how we see the world and others. One Woman who I admire because she see’s others from different P.O.V.s and respects them even if it is different then hers is a 4-H mother named Lena. Lena has several passions but one of her passions is feeding the homeless. On a weekly basis she ignors the common stereotype of homeless and goes on the streets and feeds and clothes them. Lena does not just see life from her own POV she focuses on others respects others view point.

If the schools today taught to see life the way Lena sees life we would have more in the world who would see past stereo types we would be able to embrasse life a little easier.


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