A little quote from Ben Franklin

As a fellow Pintrest lover I often search quotes that I can possibly blog about.

Recently, I found a link that was titled, “31 quotes that will give you chills” obviously I had to look at it! The very first quote on the link was one by Mr. Benjamin Franklin. It stated, “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.”

I love this quote! For years, I have watched an elderly couple talk about death. They have made all of their funeral arrangements, planned the entertainment for the funeral (Guess who gets to sing— 😉 ) shown most of the family where they will be buried, and in a way they spent more time talking about their death then actually living. Yes, they did do a lot of entertaining of friends, visiting their friends at the nursing home, and cooking food for the local “Meals on wheels” program at the same time, death was/is a large part of their conversation/thoughts. Watching this, I saw that, emotionally they had already died in a way. Physically though, not so much.

Being close to my mother who is an “Adventure lover” I have been taught to live life to the fullest because you only have one shot of doing something great and trying new experiences while making new relationships along the way.

Remember you only have one shot at life, so don’t dig yourself an early grave and make sure to look fabulous on the way.


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