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A few thoughts on #Stopyulin15. Where do I start? If you haven’t heard of Yulin, do some research on it OR just type in anything about “Stop Yulin” and you will find quite a bit of information. About a week about #Stopyulin15 started going through my Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Naturally, being an animal lover I was appalled by what was happening in China, and I proceeded to look at the hashtag and lots of pictures came up that said something like, “I see humans but nothing humane” and several, “save the dogs” videos. I have a problem with this. I’m not justifying what is going on, BUT I find it hard to accept how the public is responding to this. IF the public was as concerned about animals and dogs as they appear to be, they wouldn’t support dog stores who sell animals from animal mills. They would become vegan because cows and chickens shouldn’t have to live in the conditions that they are forced to be in in traditional farming. And they would go out and do something about innocent animals being tortured everyday in America, not just in other countries.

There is an emotional connection to cats and dogs because they are what are considered “house animals.” They sleep in our beds, have a designated spot for eating, and sometimes are included in family pictures. But what about pigs? IS pig abuse as concerning as canine? Does it not matter because “bacon is delicious.” (I’m not sure if I’ve knowlingly have eaten bacon before but that is what I am constantly told when I tell someone that I don’t eat pork for religous reasons). In America, what is happening in China would not be nearly as big as a deal IF we openly ate dogs and cats in America. We would see this extremly different if it was happening to an animal that is often eaten in America.


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