My Value Is NOT Based On My GPA

My value in life is not what my GPA is. That’s right I said it. My parents know that school is difficult to me, therefore, when they were homeschooling me they taught me based on experiences. To this day, I love to learn but I despise school. Make sense? I love learning new things through personal experiences but the traditional school setting does not typically allow for this.

When my parents placed me into a traditional school one of the first things that I noticed was that when a teacher handed a test back my fellow junior high classmates felt a need to announce that they earned their “rightful A on the easy test.” To the smartest kids in my class anyone who did not get an A or understood the “easy material”  is “sooooo stupid.” That year, I spent many nights in tears because I believed what “the smart kids” said about the “dumb kids” like me. My parents reminded me repeatedly that to them grades didn’t matter as long as I tried. Even though I was reminded of this often, I still believed that my value was based on scores on a test that I most likely will never need to know for the rest of my life.

Soon enough my junior high experience was over. Three years after that it started to “click.” G-d gave me a new friendship. One day I approached this friend and she was in tears. Among several hard issues she was dealing with what was bothering her the most was that that week she had been bullied because she takes classes for “dumb kids” and she had been called stupid from several bullies.

If school was easy for me I would not be able to minister to others who have a difficult time in school as well. My value is not based on my GPA because if it did I would be less of a physical person when I am volunteering in the nursery at my synagogue, writing a note to friend who is down, and when I’m standing before G-d on judgment day. My value is in the L-rd. When Y-shua died, He did not make the ultimate sacrifice for “anyone with a GPA of 3.5 and higher and scored a 25 on the SAT.”  He died for everyone.

My junior high self believed that I would only be of any value to society if I was book smart, now I know that I can make an impact on society because through my struggles I am able to help others easier who also struggle academically.


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